Tranny Hustles for Congressional Votes



Being a native NYer I get around to a lot of places and see a lot of interesting and sometimes strange things.

Congressmen Charles Rangel (D.,Black) was convicted of violating 11 ethics charges by a House Panel back in 2010. News of the violations broke before he was elected to his current term and he was still elected by his district, the 13th District which consists mostly of Manhattan above the center of Central Park. The areas of Charles Rangel’s district is filled with a large minority population – areas like Harlem.

Rangel’s constituent’s stuck with him even though it was proven before the election that he was corrupt by the papers. A sign of ethnic solidarity in some way, perhaps?

Please note that Charles Rangel self-righteously left his hearings while proceedings were going on.

There is a Primary election on June 28 to weed out 7 of the 8 candidates registered to compete for Rangel’s soon to be vacant seat. He is retiring.

Like I said, if you’re from NY, you tend to see a lot of things. There was a block party in East Harlem over the weekend. I happened to be in the area long enough to notice an odd, odd looking man handing out flyers. I hate flyer people. Luckily I was not handed one. However, the man was an “OG” tranny. He was a half bald Mestizo w/a half peroxide died Jerry Curl, a strange rack(maybe rubber boobs), some booty pants and a ton of foundation.

This guy, he, she, it, was actively campaigning for one of  the candidates, handing out flyers and speaking with constituents. There were plenty of little kids around. John Adams was a little much advocating that the President be called “his Highness.” The days of the degenerate throughout whole segments oft he population are here.


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