Marvel Comics House of Ideas pt.1

Gay America


There has been a lot of controversy about Marvel Comics Captain America in the last few weeks. First some filth decided to lobby online for a Captain America Homosexual relationship/boyfriend. Next, the original “Aryan” Captain America returned to comics basically as a Nazi. In the issueof Steve Rogers Captain America, ebil Nazi villain Red Skull gave a very sensible speech that is somehow supposed to be evil.

Like they said on TDS, The Red Skull Did Nothing Wrong.

Under the heading of Marvel Comics House of Ideas, I will be looking for the other degeneracy at Disney Company’s Marvel Comics.

First up is a brief analysis of a woman working in comics that could be considered (((comics royalty))). She is the (((third generation))) in a prominent comics (((family))) working the industry, the (((Kuberts))). A lot of you may know the brothers Adam and Andy from their well received work of the 90s on books such as the X-Men. These brothers are the sons of family Patriarch and Cartoon School Founder (((Joe Kubert))), he’s a 1920’s born Jew immigrant from Poland. As a family, they’re very well known in the industry. Kubert’s third generation in the industry is a fat Jewish slut, Katie Kubert.

Here are some samples from her twitter feed going back to the beginning of May:

An almost life-sized gay Captain America/Bucky Barnes Bust of the two characters kissing.

A tweet about NightHawk, a Black Super Hero fighting in a country “infected by racism.”

A homosexual looking depiction of DC Comics Nightwing.

A shaming of the Zim Zam for selling his Kel-Tec

A strange obsession with dinosaurs.

A notice letting users know she’s subscribed to (((Seth Rogen)))

A naked live action Wolverine

Anti-White NightHawk


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