Don’t Eat The Wheaties White Man

There have been somewhere around 250 male and female athletes featured on the Wheaties box. At least two of them are beyond fags in their faggotry. Statistics breaking out race, gender and deviancy are not immediately available. However, knowing that Bruce Gender and Michael Phelps have both been featured on the Wheaties Box  can only lead to one conclusion: White Men Shouldn’t Eat The Wheaties.

Gay Wheaties

As it turns out, Katlin/Bruce Jenner was one of the first official spokesman for the company in 1977. Did he eat a lot of it? I don’t watch those whore Kardashian women on TV so I wouldn’t know. He was a champion and most everyone eats breakfast so, I bet he did. You need those carbs to run, he probably ate a lot of “Wheaties.”

You know who else was on the box? HIV/AIDS Homo, Magic Johnson. So were all of those baseball players with tiny balls who did the steroids like Mark McGuire.

These two Faggots were also on the box:

On the left is queermo Speed Skating Queen, Apollo Ohno and on the right is the freakishly androgynous (and loving it) Olympic Snowboarder, Shaun White. There’s definitely a problem here with Testosterone quality.

Some might say it’s a paleo thing but, Magic Johnson and Apollo Ohno aren’t Whites. The blacks used to think they were being sterilized eating at Church’s Chicken. I’m afraid to look into Wheaties et al but I think it’s safe to say it’s run by Jews and Bulldykes. Don’t eat Wheaties.

Look at what happened to Michael Phelps, it’s vomit inducing. After he got big and was on the Wheaties once or twice, he reportedly had a sexual relationship with a hermaphrodite(possibly paid by Wheaties to seduce him). Who then went on to produce a gay(?) porno ostensibly to tempt young Wheaties eaters to engage in weird shit. Companies come up with all sorts of coventures and integrations in shady back room deals.

Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions…more like Fuel For Cucks.

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