The Wunder Years: Blog Trailer

Hello Readers, I am Augusto Bolsonaro, an anonymous high school student and devoted Nationalist. This is my blog. These are, My Wunder Years.

I reside somewhere on the whiter side of the North American Continent. Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly more brown everyday. In my column, der Wunder Years, I will be discussing my daily endeavors, as well as my trials and tribulations as a Nationalist making my way through and coming of age in a vibrant and diverse High School and City.

I live in [The Current Year]’s ideal All American city. Yet, it is still a city where a wide array of muds and degenerates Roam Free and Practice their Savage ways. As far as I can tell, all corners of the American educational system have been caught by Jewish Marxism’s dirty Grasp. It lurks In the classroom, as well as in after school clubs, and sports.

I will be openly discussing and reporting on what is being conducted in the school system, to show not just the Right, but all sides of the political spectrum, what we are fed on a daily basis. If you find one of my tales particularly egregious, please share it with your friends or whoever you can to spread the word. From time to time, I will also report on Colleges and Universities across our endangered white world. If you know of an undergraduate school or program with little poz, please take the effort to let me know.

This is not fiction. Expect there to be a lot of black pills along the way through my posting career. We need to steel ourselves against the back pills to get the reddening effect. Without knowing what we’re up against, we’ll have no keks. We’ll have no lulz. Ultimately, there would be no white pills, no victories and no kebab removal.

We do know what we are doing though. The Trumpen Reich is on the rise and the AltRight is not far behind.

I am Augusto Bolsonaro and this is my contribution for now. This is the start of building myself into a leading Nationalist of Tomorrow.

As in the form others have taken before me, Andrew Anglin for one, before I jump into everything Wunder Years, in my next post, I am next going to share with you my full, unabridged red-pilling story. It is a story I have never told anybody.

Augusto Bolsonaro, signing off!
Twitter: @Fash_Americana


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