Diversity At the Old Time Park

Eisenhower Park is a park larger than Manhattan’s Central Park. It has a hell of a lot less crime but if you go there enough you may see a hobo’s dong exposed, pissing. Speaking of which, hobo season is coming up. The park really does have a lot, numerous playgrounds, sports ball fields, a brand new ice rink facility and a giant pool that has been leaking since they built it.

Quite frankly, nowadays, hobo season is better than the spring/summer season for one reason:



It’s definitely not a strength…

To go to the park on the weekend in the summer is an analog to the old inner city. The Blacks and Mestizos are in the inner parts of the park on the barbecues and playing soccer, and the Whites are around the periphery where there is some breathing room. I walked by the playground deep in the middle of the park mid summer, surveyed the grounds, and don’t recall seeing a White kid anywhere.

It’s cool that people want to self segregate but, things would be much better if a different demographic were there. Things would be much more community oriented for our families and our kids and our wives and they would get out of the house more to hone skills, practice hobbies or just relax. The young people would have something to do to – sports teams etc.

Those days are gone, that is, if they ever existed. If they didn’t, there is no reason why they can’t become a reality.

The big thing that the park does in the summer is have all these ethnic nights. Chinamen Night. Jap Night, Jew Night, Bindi Night, Panjabi Night etc. I guess they have an “African American Night,” and there are definitely German, Irish, Polish etc nights. Everybody gets 2-3 hours of their old culture.

These Chinamen, Panjabis and other exotics don’t come from the here though – in any sense of the word here – they’ve got their accents(first generation) and are coming out from The City. They come from far and wide.

We need to keep building our culture on the AltRight. Once we have groups of ten or twenty guys, we can engage in sports and afford to act who we are in front of the normies. To those of you who live in white areas, you don’t want to be walking around what should be your places/spaces with nuisance and lower performing races swarming around.dscn0273


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