Alt Clowns

Is there an AltClown Culture in the current year? With the AltRight coming out of the underground, surely some new culture has moved in. AltClown may be the harbinger of doom.


For years, people have seen “Jesus” in toast and “Faith Healers” have anointed Grandma’s hip healing it. How was it that Grandma was hunched over and hobbled up yet once the “Healer” said zappa-zoo she dropped the cane and busted into the jitter-bug?

Others, others saw bright lights in the sky and little green men. After a while, people came forward – they were victims of “bad touch” by aforementioned little green men.

Some people believe in Chtulu even though even though he is a fictional character. What is certain is that Kosmo Kramer was afraid of clowns as were some other popular fictional characters. One of the “great” fiction writer Stephen King’s biggest works focuses on a clown that is the personification of evil. That one is called “It” and was made into a four hour movie.

Clowns, “Crazy Clowns,” the AltClown as I call them are already terrorizing North Carolina and have been for a month.

Stephen King is concerned about this spate of evil clown sightings. That should have us all concerned. As previously stated, once a movement comes up from the underground as with the AltRight, something moves in to fill it’s place. Many times that something that moves in is in opposition to what was previously there. Keeping that in mind and using deduction, it may well be that these crazy-disgusting-killer-clowns are in fact, (((crazy-disgusting-killer-clowns))).

In other words, Jews.

Clowns travel with carnivals. Like Jews, they are rootless. They’re in the entertainment business and they want your money. On top of that they wear a fake nose to hide their real nose which is more likely than not, a really ugly Jewish nose.

I think it’s the Jews. There are bound to be more sightings as the kike learns more and more about the AltRight.


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