WTFWUT Pepes’ at the Mall

The availability and selection of Fashy merch has come a long way just over this last year. TRS has plenty of it and you can find even some of the choicest of memes on T-Shirts if you look hard enough. Unfortunately, if not now, soon, you will most likely be able to buy shitty Pepe Merch at the Mall:



Zumiez is a consumerist skateboarding chain that largely helped ruin local skateboarding scenes.

The company manufacturing these shirts are “Teenage” and “PePe Official” For what reason Pepe has been stylized as “PePe” I have no fucking idea. I think its a little funny that these companies decided to put Pepe on tie-dye shirts which are emblematic of hippies.

Here’s how Zumiez is marketing this shit:

Pepe Zum 1.png

This is fucking “wow, just wow” and I’m sure if these don’t atomize our meme magic, we’ll be agreeing with liberals for the wrong reasons.

Finally, here is Zumiez note on the manufacturer:


The company hawking these is calling itself PePe Official. My hope with all this is that it drives impressionable kids to the AltRight and if not that the guy who owns the rights to the comic Pepe is in shuts them down.

More to come on a different blog tomorrow…this is just spur of the moment 20 minutes take.


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  1. Wow that’s just disgusting. I despise Zumiez. And you’re correct. The Zumiez corporate bullshit chain mega-store definitely played a major role in destroying the local skate scenes across the country. It sucked the soul out of local skate shops and skateboarding and handed it over to the mass-market (((merchants))). Skating was about community. Never about f’ng corporate jew shekel production. And now they co-opt Pepe. What that hell is that. Pac Sun is in bankruptcy. Let’s hope Zumiez is next. #BoycottZumiez


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