Jerry Brown and CA Challenge Trump

California’s Citizens, it’s 4 Term Governor Jerry Brown and various members of the California State Apparatus both current and former are voicing challenges to Trump now not even a week after his election.

The points of contention are Climate Change, Diversity,Sanctuary Cities and Health Insurance for Citizens and Non-Citizens alike.

Nov. 1 was the 10yr Anniversary of Gov. Schwarzenegger signing into law a carbon reduction act. Schwarzenegger is on tape very arrogantly saying he wants to see how long a Climate Change non-believer can last with his mouth taped to a tailpipe.

Unfortunately for Arnold, the thing that would kill his hypothetical denier is carbon monoxide which is not the “greenhouse gas” carbon dioxide. Schwarzenegger’s carbon reduction law is a cap and trade scheme. Jerry Brown must have taken carbon credits out of the market earlier this year when he lowered the states maximum allowable carbon emission level.

Brown feels CO2 is a matter of life and death and a sacred duty:

“This is not about the Republican Party or the Democratic Party,” he said. “This is about human existence. It’s about survival.”

Brown is ready to fight.

Mother Nature is a Whore…

It doesn’t seem like letting California go it’s own way on this really has many downsides. In fact, if companies have to leave the State, the impetus for Whites and sympathizers to go Nationalist definitely increase.

It is no secret that the trajectory for California’s future is a Brown Colored one and it is no secret that California probably harbors the most illegals.

Trump promised to cut off Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities. Some of the biggest are in California. The Californians are preparing for a fight on this issue too.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said Thursday that Trump’s possible inclusion of Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state, on his immigration transition team amounted to “a threat to diverse communities throughout our nation” and “an imminent assault on our collective voting rights and civil rights.”

The last thing that California is publicly worrying about is healthcare. Here too again, not just Californians Healthcare but Invader Healthcare:

State Senate President Kevin de León said Wednesday that he’s asked officials to assess the impacts on the state’s health insurance exchange, reimbursement rates for low-income seniors, school and senior lunches and health services for undocumented children.

Trump’s task, Trump’s vision is one of turning over most everything and setting our Country and the world on a more self-sufficient and more independent courses. It is good that he is such good shape. He has many battles ahead. We all do.

On just the national scene alone, there are over 300 Sanctuary Cities.

Say a Prayer,

Make a Meme.

There was no final Boss. The game has no end until we are old men.


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