No Such Thing as a Fake Hate Crime

Even though a trio of SUNY-Albany students were caught fabricating a racial hate crime — and were criminally charged for doing so — local activists just won’t let the matter die.

Three black females had alleged they were the targets of racial slurs and then were attacked by a group of white men on a bus back in January. But video evidence and 911 audio showed no such thing; in fact, they indicated the women were the instigators.

Even before these and other facts were known, the university president and Hillary Clinton jumped into the fray to support the women.

Two of the three students ended up being expelled from UAlbany with the other suspended, and eventually one confessed to making up the whole story.

Local Black Lives Matter-affiliated activists have stuck by the women throughout the ordeal, and continue to do so.

A Facebook page titled “Indefensible” was established this past week with the sub-headline “The Wrongful Prosecution of the UAlbany Three”:

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  1. Marxists/Liberals/Progressives are of the mind that if they complain. stress, talk about and claim fantasies, they will somehow become truth – or at least, a good honest lie. It’s that fairy tale world they live in, their parents and disney told them that it if they really really really wanted something to be true, then it was/is.

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