Eat da Pee Pee

When we heard “they eat da poo poo” from an African Minister, that Minister was trying to keep his children to away from homos. If that Minister is still at it teaching his country’s children, a shocking homosexual sodomy story took place  recently in the Bronx.

A homeless man was prostituting himself. He still had friends though. He prostituted himself out to a friend. His friend was an older man and probably on a fixed income. Not everyone can afford high end prostitutes like some members of our government or Tiger Woods.

Even though the old man knew the male prostitute for some time before engaging in some type of perverse sexual acts with him, the old man met his end in that encounter.

The prostitute, the alleged murderer, while he looked like a pretty happy guy being led out of the precinct by police, is reported to have become incensed and enraged by his friend the John. This led the homo-prostitute to allegedly strike the John over the head with a hammer then stab him up with scissors until that old John expired.

The Homeless Prostitute was not paid. It is unclear if he tried to find restitution in the John’s Apartment in his belongings. It is reported that the Homeless Homo Prostitute did come and go from the apartment for a few days so he had that as a plus.

Besides the brutal death that the John experienced, his member was removed post-mortem. The Homeless Homo Prostitute is also apparently some kind of cannibal as he planned to eat the penis. I don’t think the term necrophilia applies but news reports did not note whether the Old Faggot-Ass John had food in his apartment.

The Prostitute Never had a chance to eat the penis. He now faces Second Degree Murder Charges.




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