4 Times Deported

They used to say the “streets are paved with gold” here in America. Now some jagoffs may give you a hard time just for calling the U.S., America. That may not be a bad thing as our neighbors immediately to the south here on the continent are a borderline Narco-State and our Northern Neighbor is run by a cuck. What the rest of the Nation-States to our south are, are anyone’s guess. They can’t be too good since their citizens are steadily moving here, to the U.S. to indulge themselves in our wealth.

Coming into our Country illegally makes you one time the criminal. If you make yourself a criminal on the regular once you are here, there really can be gold in the streets both figuratively and literally depending on where you are. Most of these illegal immigrants are here looking for the path of least resistance. Cut a lawn, butcher some cattle, rob a house and make some cash.

Julio Nivelo, aka Mark Vargas works a little bit harder to make his illegal American Dream and it payed off.

All day, all along the streets in Manhattan, trucks are loading and unloading. If you are an opportunistic thief and find pattern in the who, what, and where of the truck activity, you can make more than a pretty good living quickly filching and fencing valuables off of the backs of trucks.


Julio Nivelo is like a real life troll excepting that he repeatedly invades your country to exact his toll. No one gives a shit about his native Ecuador.

Nivelo is believed to be 53 and about 5’5″. Amazingly, in his biggest known heist yet, he was able to walk off with 86lbs of Gold Flake from an armored car. He walked the pale of gold about a half a mile on camera.

His latest crime spree took place between May and August. Nivelo is believed to be in California and is suspected in numerous other “off the back of a truck robbery.” Nivelo is a career criminal. He has been deported 4 times since 1994.

He has successfully evaded law enforcement on this and other matters since August even with what must be minutes of CCTV footage.

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