The Most Degenerate Christianity

It’s no secret if you have been listening to the current Pope that a lot of his Catholicism or Christianity has to do with Social Justice. A Social Justice Message from Churches is most likely not going to be a Christian Message. “For the poor will always be with you.”

Like the Deists that were around the time these United States were founded, men cleverly cloak their non-Christian ideas and ideals in Christian rhetoric.

Unfortunately for Catholics, many of their leaders, and in fact their top leadership are working for Social Justice. As powerful as the Pope is and as many of his laypeople he can move further into the Social Justice/Cultural Marxist Mindset, there are still other people working the Cultural Marxist Con within Christianity.

I guess the Anglicans allow fags but,  it gets worse. Back when Russia banned Homo Propaganda, propaganda videos of a “Church” with a bulldyke “Pastor” sending a sermon about faggot acceptance to Russia. That was a few years ago. They did it through Craigslist.

As it turns out, there is now a “Christian” organization based in Wisconsin buying radio ads on major stations here in NY advocating for the tranny bathroom rights Trump took away.

I got to hear some human garbage tell me trannies are made in God’s Image. That piece of shit then went on to quote Scripture. Another high-note of the rhetoric in the ad was the old faggot trick of equating Segregation to Chicks with Dicks hanging out in the little girls room.

The wonderful organization that is promoting degenerate or “Modern” Christianity is known as the Forgiveness Institute.


The above website is relatively relatively large. The Institute offers a large number of services. Where do they get the money? Why are they so Satanic?



You can register for their International Conference in Jerusalem.

We should no longer call these people liberal or left.



  1. Every.
    Jews have done for the Christian churches what they’ve done for every other institution that has failed to recognize the threat that they pose.


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