They Came Here for Better Life

Brentwood, NY. It’s on Long Island. At this point in history it is overrun by Mestizos. They all came here for a better life, right? They’ve got tons of soccer fields and the town/city is home to Entenmann’s , which is a maker of cake and cake snacks. It was mentioned on Seinfeld once. My guess is the factory store takes SNAP.

Brentwood and maybe five miles North of it and five miles South is solidly Mestizo or minority inhabited. In fact, Brentwood is probably the area that contains the most Mestizos on all of Long Island.

You might meet someone from there and they’ll tell you they’re from there. They want you to think they’re ruff and ready or, some such. It may have a few nice sections but, I really have no idea. Come to think of it, the vibrancy some of them brought spilled out into some towns east of there too.

The fact is, most White people aren’t going to know much more about the area.

Anyway, 10 MS 13 Gang Members, all here illegally were just arrested today after a 2-3 month search.

At least some of them were involved with murdering two colored high school girls in the middle of a neighborhood with bats and machetes. What cost the two colored girls their lives? Some type of verbal and online argument.

I don’t think we need that type of culture here. Soccer is something else we don’t need and, these Mestizos, these little Mestizos, a whole lot of their properties look like shit too. They can all murder each other somewhere else.

Local MSM Story Here:

MS-13 Gang Members Arrested In Connection With Brentwood Teen Murders

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