“St Patrick’s Day Parade for Everyone”

Faggot Infiltration

The New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the oldest and largest civilian parades in the country. The NYC or Manhattan St Patrick’s Day Parade people held out against the homos for a time. Unfortunately, in 2014, the parade people, in order to not be political, caved and allowed the sodomites in.

There are at least three other Patty parades in Greater NYC. There are two in Queens and one on Staten Island. Until the 90’s when the homo propaganda was everywhere, faggots who were open about their faggotry trying to be in any of these parades were not a big deal.

Unfortunately today, the only Patty Parade in the area that doesn’t allow the faggot to do whatever they want marching in the parade is the Staten Island St. Patty’s Parade. Gays are allowed to march but they are not allowed to fly their colors or banners.

When it comes down to it, you really can’t do much more. The current Mayor of NYC and former(?) communist, Bill DiBlasio always boycotts the Staten Island Parade. Muh AIDS sign…


The Anything Goes Parade:

The Queens “St. Patrick’s Day for Everybody Parade,” held in Springfield has emerged as the social justice parade. As with the Jews, the world is not enough for SJWs. This parade pushes the boundaries. Looking over the organizers, they all look like shitlibs. One of the honorees in the parade is a dead(good riddance) Butt Pirate Priest. The organizers want everyone there, everyone. If a snack bar should go up, it should be there. The guests of honor are a disabled woman famous fighting for disabled rights…and Phil Donahue, loud mouth degenerate Bread and Circus Barker from network TV fame. They might as well have invited Jewboy Jerry Springer.

It’s great that those who were poisoned morally and spiritually by shows that were put on by those men as when they were children or younger families still want them in their lives. Everyone is just riding down that long slippery slope.

Ironically enough, the for Everybody Parade was mentioned periodically on the CBS880 FM Radio. They interviewed somebody, maybe a politician, whom I could not find online. The reporter asked whoever the POS was, and I paraphrase, “So, this is Trump’s home borough. Do you feel like you have to represent for him?” “No, I feel like I need to represent against him. Anyone that was here that was like him is gone and I’m glad. They’re no good.”




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