“Justice” Protests NYC

Liberty! Equality! Fraternity! Those are cries The Learned Elders of Zion would have the people chant. It sounds good but, the trick is the aforementioned qualities can never be brought to bear in a society as a whole. Thus, there is seemingly always something new to fight for in the interests of greater Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

Looking at it another way, today, it is almost a formula. Fringe Group A wants their “Liberty,” Gay Marriage for example. In a Christian Society, the Sodomite has to find allies against the Christians, Fraternity to cut the Christians down to size as to gain Equality.

On paper, we’re all friends, equal and at liberty. The problem though in a Democracy is that we are not all friends but the State ensures the liberty, equality and fraternity to the extent which it can. In the example with the homosexuals they come with a lot of problems, mental, spiritual health, etc. With all these problems that the homos have, mainlining their lifestyle brings greater burdens to bear on society Christian or not. In our Democracy, cries for Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are met by a large part of the population amicable to almost any cause.

In any case, new revelations are bound to the common man and may cause pushback on the newfound liberty of the homo. It may further embolden the homo to push for even more rights because goy, your conscience and science and surveys of reality cannot impede on the collective’s Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. So, now we have Trans Rights, Homos in the Churches, definitions changed to shrug off millennia of accumulated wisdom and the shifting of monetary and other burdens onto the collective.

One of the most damaging effects of instilling a longing and self righteousness to obtain Liberty, Equality, Fraternity across the board is that those three goals cannot be met. Men are not women and men who do not engage in perversion are different then men who do. Just the disease rates for healthy men verses perverted men is staggering. In many cases, the one who wins the Liberty and Equality is going to be the one who is more hungry.

Today’s Pioneers:

Today’s pioneers working for “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” are clearly becoming crazier in their requests and more widely degrading society. We lost the mainstream mental health profession more than a generation ago, the media long before that. We are largely out here on our own watching abject degradation take place in the name of justice.

The so-called Great Cities of today are hotbeds of the contemporary freedom fighters. Below is a list of the contemporary fights raging.

Essays on Menstruation & Resistance: 3/9

Queer Scholarship into Song: 3/9 NYU

Die-In for ObamaCare: 3/11

PUNK ROCK KARAOKE for inauguration defendants: 3/11

Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: 3/12

Protect Trans Rights: 3/17 WASHINGTON SQ. PARK


Anti-Trump comics exhibit + reading: 3/27

Trans Stories, Trans Justice, Trans Resiliency: 3/28 BCRW

End Trump & DeBlasio War on Black People: 4/1 HERALD SQUARE


  1. It’s pure ((coincidence)) that their definition of “liberty” always = further degrading our societies.


    1. Yeah, you got that right, PawPaw. I just wish I could have maybe highlighted that point a little better. I almost wonder if we should start infiltrating non degenerate groups. We should eventually when we have solid crews. You still doing your thoughts of the day?

      Liked by 1 person

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