Anne Hathaway Women’s Empowerment

How do these people get power?

Anne Hathaway, of Catwoman fame and of a slew of other shitty movies somehow apparently became the U.N. Women’s Ambassador. I wonder, did the dykish hair cut she was sporting for a while get her in? Did the fact that she gave up her Christian Faith because it rejected her faggot brother give her a leg up on the position?

On International Women’s Day, Hathaway gave the Keynote Speech to those assembled at the U.N. The Speech was well organized, well written and well spoken. What it was about was more progressiveness. Specifically, now that most Western Countries are offering paid Maternal leave for new Mothers, and Trump will be working to make that policy a reality here, Hathaway would have us look to give men this paid leave.

Men doesn’t just mean the biological Father. No, it means fags who somehow get their hands on kids too.

When it comes to the biological Father, Hathaway does cite studies that prove x, y, and z positive effects. The very overt overtone in her speech though is that women still need to be liberated. Hathaway’s poor Mom couldn’t be a career woman because she took care of her three children. Worse yet, she was underappreciated and under compensated. Alternatively, Mothers who do go on leave can’t get ahead in their career because they’re breeders 😦

Hathaway also drops the name of Emma Watson, another Feminist Whore and that Feminist Whore’s Project, HeForShe. Judging by what is said about it, it seems to be some type of women clawing up the backs of men to attain material success and temporal power on par with the most powerful of men.

Women like this are visibly albeit slightly deranged. The cognitive dissonance shows through. Some women it seems understand they have the ability/gift to bear birth and put more weight on that aspect of their being. Others like Ms. Hathaway seem to maybe know they can’t have it all yet persist in trying to rearrange what was natural, what was once society into something perverse and ultimately dangerous.

Hathaway’s U.N. Speech:

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