The Occult as Degeneracy

Helicopter Rides

Harry Potter, Doctor Strange, and Dungeons and Dragons, popular, not popular and/or cultish stuff like this is for the most part okay. The trouble is, it plants seeds in the maladjusted. The seed could be planted in a child, teenager or adult. With the lack of family life and other meaningful structure, fantasy and magical entertainment can become a person’s raison d’etre. I know a grown woman, married even, who’s whole life is Halloween and Tim Burton’s “The Night before Christmas.” That’s bad enough but then there are the other innocuous yet stupid things people do such as cosplay which leads to shit like furries and other out there shit that atomizes society.

If you child is more worried about Gandolf shooting laser beams out of his ass than Grandma, that’s a big problem. If you are the parent of that kid and don’t care, you are an idiot and worse.

It may be that things have calmed down, the entertainers pushing spooky shit on kids, but again, the seed was planted in those who partook. At one point while the movie “Twilight” was big, passing by the Young Adult section at Barnes and Noble, every book and I mean every book that was featured prominently had to do with monsters and the like.

Now, 20 feet away from the Young Adult section is the Occult and New Age section. The young adult is eventually going to wander over there. I had friends who wanted and bought the “Satanic Bible” when they were 14 or 15. The author, (((Anton LeVay)))’s philosophy is pretty simple, indulgence. Unbridled indulgence will again lead to atomization, degradation and more bad stuff. Some that are into the Occult may say Satanism is low brow. There are definitely other routes to take. Having looked through a lot of them and now being a kind of incredulous consumer of Youtube videos of that genre, I can unequivocally say that 95% of that stuff is a scam. I suppose it could be a counter intelligence kind of product too. Whatever the reason for their being so many weird and Occultish products out there, I doubt one has ever helped somebody and again say if nothing else, it atomizes society.

I think in fact, those that watch those terrible conspiracy or spook videos and read those books on demon aliens and get wrapped up in it, could very well have been and maybe still be forged into an AltRight type.

Note: Many of these spook books and videos demonize The Reich and set the blame for everything on vague characters and actors. One of these actors are the Masons. I do believe the Masons and other Secret Societies, when the time comes do need to be shut down just as Glorious Fuhrer did it.

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