Emma Watson WTF

Emma Watson was Harry Potter’s female classmate in those movies. There were 8 of them movies. She hasn’t done much since, not in terms of movies. She’s a pretty attractive girl/woman and like many movie stars, she’s a complete retard trying to get others to give themselves an unholy lobotomy.

Emma Watson is Progressive. Emma Watson is a feminist who looks to be working on a Masters Degree. She also was a Woman’s Ambassador to the U.N. At the U.N., she launched something called HeForShe. HeForShe has a slick website but I’m not sure what HeforShe does. I think it’s supposed to make men faggier and more cucked and turn women into something their version of unnatural.

Emma Watson is now starring in a live action movie adaptation of the Musical which started out as a cartoon movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Emma Watson’s adaptation of Beauty and the Beast has one thing that the others did not: some type of homo-erotic scene. Why shouldn’t it? Emma Watson is obviously very hip, sheek, and elite. Why wouldn’t it lead adolescent boys down the garden path to anal fisting, it’s 2017.

To Promote Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson did an interview and photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair looks to be a terrible magazine. I’m not sure I would read the article about Ms. Watson even under duress. I heard there were nude photos of her in the magazine. There was a controversy. I can assure you though, all Emma Watson exposed was some underside cleavage.

At first, hearing about this nudity controversy, I thought it was about signalling to the little kids that that star they’re gonna love in the Beauty and the Beast movie is a whore and that’s okay. That’s not the signal.

The pictures of this girl who may in fact be beautiful, idk, are worse than androgynous. She looks outright like a fucking pufter in some of them photos. She has some quaffed up man’s haircut that actually looks like a version of the Fashy Haircut. The pictures are bad, and they’re creepy. If Ms. Emma Watson is signalling something, it’s that she’s not just a pretty girl but with some hormones, if she starts soon, she might be able to pass as a young twink.

What’s funny and what I think what makes these actors and actresses even more mental than they already are is that they get flack from some other fucktards. In Emma Watson’s case, they and the media picked up on it too, said she wasn’t a feminist because she exposed the underside of her breast even though if she didn’t have that breast exposed, someone flipping through the magazine might not know the sex of the person in the picture.

The Vanity Fair Pictures are here: http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2017/02/emma-watson-cover-story


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