Kids Choice Awards and the (((Redstone))) Pipeline

There is a Teen Choice Award’s Show and there is also a Kid’s Choice Award’s show. I guess when the kids and the teens get old enough, they are supposed to move on to the MTV Award Shows then the Grammy’s and the Oscars. I remember seeing a few of MTV Award Shows and that there was a buzz about them with people I knew in High School.

MTV is owned by the alleged pervert (((Sumner Redstone))) who was confirmed last year to have two girlfriends who were probably in their early 50s. Redstone is 93, it’s nothing too ostentatious, right?. Redstone, his Daughter and the two 50 year old’s he was dating were in the news last year squabbling about money.

The Kids Choice Awards is run by Nickelodeon which is owned by an MTV Umbrella which is in turn owned by Viacom. All of those companies are Sumner Redstone’s.

                      Sumner Redstone

Needs two bitches. Brainwashes and debases children. Jewish.

Note that the Teen Choice Awards are a Fox Production. Monopolies are no good, even if they are Jewish run 🙂

Redstone, for his part, through Viacom does own all sorts of MTV Channels, all sorts of BET Channels, The Country Music Channel, several other Nickelodeon Channels, VH1, Comedy Central and a slew of other shit. Depending on how much TV a child watches, by the time said child is 25, they may have been reared mainly on Viacom which is the parent company of all of Redstone’s above holdings.

The Jew definitely wears many masks and Redstone needs one.

As for the Kid’s Choice Awards, here are some notable winners.

  • (((Ellen DeGeneres))) film “Finding Dory” won ten awards and Ellen herself won additional two or three…mothers lock up your daughters. Finding Dory also featured Disney’s first Trans Character, a trans stingray.
  • 21 Pilots and The Suicide Squad Soundtrack won the music categories which seem appropriate for the rootless cosmopolitan dolts Viacom will help produce.
  • The Best Movie Award was the gender bending Ghostbuster flop that has as one of it’s keywords on IMDB “feminism.”


Looking over the website all the promos have probably over 50% colored kids. I always thought this Nickelodeon shit was kind skeevy, I never watched it. Rug Rats might have been cool, idk.

People talk about oh, this child star and that one turning out shit. Above is a basic albeit outline as to why.

Raven Simone started under the tutelage of Bill Cosby, the man with the pudding pops and ludes, moved onto her own show on Nick and now that nigger twat is spouting off on The View.

Don’t let your children be a part of this system and don’t let them be Black.








  1. People get so tempted by the $$$ when the opportunity comes up for their kids to break into the entertainment industry. However when you look at those who do, it becomes clear that you are selling your kid’s soul to the devil in exchange for a bag of silver. Be it Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus all of these kids who are handed over to the Jew in their formative years wind up with their lives being total shit.


    1. All the stories of the kids who made it without getting fucked…, all those kids parents held their hands seemingly through the whole process. Ryan Gossling, I guess, is the only child actor/Disney Club member who is well adjusted.

      Liked by 1 person

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