Canadian Muslim Colonizers Grant Themselves Special Protections Under the Law; Trudeau Likes Snow

Strike!!! Muslim Colonization of Our Neighbors to the North Well Under Way.
We all know that Canadia has been in Great Trouble from the Multi Cult now that it is under the regime of Uber Liberal, Kevin Trudeau. It’s hard to say what brought  a man like Trudeau into being. Having just see him speak for the first time, I couldn’t decide if he was maybe some type of hick snow bumpkin half fag or raised by a gaggle of Jewish Women.

I have learned though from our friend The Squatting Slav that Trudeau is only part of the problem in the Canadian people’s Government. They actually have a few female Muzzie MPs. One of these Muzzie MPs is granting the Islamic Colonizers special rights under the law through legislation. An Irqa Khalid introduced Motion M-103 criminalizing “Islamophobia.”

“Irqa” is on Twitter @IamIqraKhalid . Yesterday, I let her know what I know about Islam. Today Brothers and Sisters, I ask that you consider doing the same – so long as you are not subject to this Canadian Law that grants Canadia’s Colonizer’s privilege and advantage.

What the Squatting Slav Says

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