Shoahed: Never Again is Now

The Jews, Eternal Victim, The Chosen, Better Than Us:

While the seasoned and renowned Counter-Semite Team at The Daily Stormer did call the rape storm of  anti-semetic antics, namely the bomb threats, as they saw them correctly, Jewish Hoaxes against their own, some of us still wanted to wait while the jury was out before calling anything. The Heroes at the Daily Stormer were indeed right though. Now, no sooner has the case of this traumatic bludgeoning been solved, our attention is turned to a new case: Middle and High School Swastikas.

This is as if the Joker, who really was unmasked as Bruce Wayne was caught and now Harley Quinn is out there on the loose. Check out this screencap:


These stories are just from NY alone and a with all almost no time researching such a thing.

The latest acid on the face of Jews was reported yesterday as a yet unknown culprit in a Westchester Middle School scrawled a Swastika in a boys bathroom. No picture has been shown but, the goodish reporters, the ones with all the resources at not just CBS and the Jewish Daily Forward have covered the story.

The Magnanimous Jew…I’m just talking about one in particular, Town Supervisor, Robert Greenstein found the Swastika in the School on Sunday and really just chalked it up to kids being kids.

No report on why the Town Supervisor Greenstein was in the School on a Sunday morning.

Mr. Greenstein knows, like Hitler did, that you have to get the kids young. He is calling on community leaders to sell tolerance and quell ignorance.

Thanks Jews


The Clintons live in this School District

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