Even If You’re Raging Against Trump, You May Not Want to Eat Those Oreos

Big talking Trump made a point on the campaign trail to say he was boycotting Oreo Cookies. He said that nothing was more American than Oreos and was upset that they were moving Oreo production south of the border. Unlike other statements by Trump, for example against Carrier, his statement against Oreo yielded no fruit.

Regardless of the number of jobs lost here in what are now former cookie plants and regardless as to whether Trump was telling the truth about enjoying Oreos and now tossing them aside as a Mexican product, there is another issue as to why you may not want to eat them: Genetic Engineering.

In the past few weeks, I have had Oreos and Pop Tarts. Both foods are made by Nabisco. On the packaging of both the sweet treats it says in small lettering but quite boldly, Made With Genetic Engineering.

There is a lot of talk about numerous reasons why you should not eat genetically engineered foods because of both health and ecological reasons. To the truth of those claims, I do not know. The people who designed the foods probably don’t know either. What I believe is true is that sometimes GMO foodstuffs contain human or other foreign DNA.


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