Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge Review *No Spoilers*

Like many movies that are original these days, Hacksaw Ridge was based on a true story. The movie was directed by Mel Gibson, his first as Director in a while. The movie as a whole was done really well and for a war movie, it’s protagonist was a really different kind of hero.

When the meme of Gibson and Vince Vaughn was making the rounds, sourced from the 2017 Oscars Meryl Streep meltdown, I wasn’t sure why Vaughn and Gibson were seated together. As it turns out, Vaughn was one of the main characters in Hacksaw Ridge. Unlike Vaughn in True Detective Season 2, he was excellent in his serious role in Hacksaw Ridge.

Hacksaw Ridge 2

Vaughn comes into the story about a third of the way in. Before his entrance, we see the main character, Desmond Doss in his childhood and and in his teenage years. The opening third serves as a showcase of sorts for the motivation of Desmond joining the Army.

The movie is ultimately about Doss’s character – his mettle in his convictions. The story is mostly told though through his experiences in the military which were grueling and which he was decorated for. The assault and counter assault scenes upon Hacksaw Ridge were fierce, artful, bloody and graphic. Hacksaw Ridge was on Okinawa.

According to Wikipedia, the battles on and for Okinawa were some of the bloodiest in the whole Pacific Campaign. Okinawa is very close to mainland Japan and the Allies planned to use the island as an airbase to strike the mainland. In the movie, it was said it took seven or eight assaults on the ridge to take it. That was with Naval Ship Gun support. Due to the ridge’s near vertical nature, the battle was fought on the ground with nothing but Army Infantry.

If you are a fan of Fuhrer Mel’s past works or military movies, this film will not disappoint. It has a little something different than most military movies, and a twist.

Hacksaw Ridge

Battle of Okinawa Wiki:

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