Ding Dong The Gatekeeper is Dead

Lying Conspiracy Scumbag Jim Marrs is Going in the Dirt

To me, Jim Marrs is probably the most famous conspiracy guy/truther a lot of people have never heard of. If there are a big three shills, it’s Alex Jones, David Icke and Jim Marrs. Jones does radio and a website, Icke does mostly lectures and books and Jim Marrs did mostly books.

Marrs had his big break when Oliver Stone optioned his Kennedy Assassination book for the movie JFK. Marrs was also a mainline reporter before he veered off into working for the system. He sold a ton of books after the JFK book, most if not all were NY Times Best Sellers.

One of the stupidest things I’ve seen him do is to give a presentation telling his audience and the camera that the media, including books, are controlled by six companies. How his audience did not realize that his publisher, Harper Collins is owned by one of those six companies, I’ll never know.

Marrs rode a lot of trends and spread disinfo argue info for the unthinking about all of them as far as I can tell. He had a distinctive style and was one of “those” TX guys. I don’t have a problem with TX though I have a problem with assholes. Marrs also had what I believe was a practiced charm. There are some presentations on Youtube where he makes the same jokes and even laughs at them. Someone who does that and someone who gives the same presentations over and over again are more often than not scam artists.

Topics Marrs covered were aliens, kosher ancient aliens, a fantastical Nazi narrative, the financial crisis and population control.

For a man that was supposed to be a great researcher, he didn’t know the correct name for the Nazi Party. He also made a lot of money incorrectly teaching that the largely Jewish Neocons were modern Nazis setting up a Fourth Reich. He was also Anti-Christ and Anti-Bible.

I hope to one day soon debunk his garbage.

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