The Charlottesville Experience: Thoughts and Commentary

Words by @NYC_Shitlord Who Attended the Charlottesville Rally

Unite The Right DS

It’s been a quite a long time since I’ve posted something big but the last 3 days were quite an adventure. Unite The Right (UTR) was the motivation I needed to kick off old habits and grow into a better man for our people. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

  • Lee Park:  Two close friends, another goy and I hopped into a taxi to get to Charlottesville. We got there an hour late and the place looked like a war zone. We passed through a whole band of leftists and /ourguys/, who were armed with shields let us through. When we got into the park it wasn’t like my group expected…

It was a mess going through the park with most of us not really knowing where the leadership was. We saw Cantwell trying to recover from a mace attack.  Riot cops told us that it was unlawful to stand on the park grounds so we ended up following the crowd. We were forced to leave. When we started moving the leftists started their usual shenanigans as we moved through the city to McIntyre park.

This was the start of most people getting lost and splitting into tinier groups without any coordination. There was some good banter and friendly faces both old and new as we made our way to the other park (as well as when we took a break with The Vanguard). When we arrived at our destination, most people were pretty tuckered out. The Vanguard goys in particular were as they were protecting people from leftists groups trying to pick us off.

After a while with most of the speakers gone save for Mike Enoch, Dr. David Duke, Azz, and few others we decided to hitch a ride with The Vanguard to chat and watch the news of the event. We appreciated the hospitality and protection they provided but we had to get our car(we parked it far away from the city). Afterwards we rested up, dropped of a friend and then hiking in a National Park. We got a lot done in two hours and so we decided to drive home back to Jew York.

  • The Good: This was an event that made history, but more importantly we made new friends and had a few reunions. The opportunity to stand side by side with our own race was 100% worth it. No pretty squabbles, personal grudges or infighting got in the way.
  • The Bad: The Whole event lacked any organization and most of the speakers never really has their chance to even say anything until much later in the day with all the chaos unfolding. It felt rushed, it needed more pre-planing. The cops, National Guard, and Antifa caused all sorts of trouble for our guys.
  • The Ugly: Some jackass with no scruples ended up driving a Dodge Charger through some leftists and a helicopter crashed within the area, it was a total shitshow. (Editor’s Note: The Driver of the Dodge Charger is suspected to be half Jewish. That driver is also ugly looking. If you’re going to have a mischling don’t take an ugly mischling).

Summary: UTR was a mixed bag but we won by showing that the government will shut down a peaceful assembly with violence just to shut us up. It felt like my litmus test to show I have the will to stand by my own without fear. To put the past, the drama, and ideological differences aside to forge a future for our people. And I went on a quite a hike scaling the rocks for a amazing view of the countryside.

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