Review: Dunkirk *Limited Spoilers*

I was super reluctant to go see Dunkirk. My Dad wanted to be out there the first week. I was able to drag it out another three.

I hadn’t seen any trailers for it but, I just had a bad feeling.

It was produced by Christopher Nolan of Dark Knight fame and the musical score was done by another Dark Knight alum, Hans Zimmer. I couldn’t tell you what is not to like about those guys. Between the two, I find some of Zimmer’s musical techniques more interesting.

This last weekend before we went I somehow came upon a Youtube clip with some of the movie. The clip was focused more on the music though. Both seemed pretty tight. I was looking forward to going to see the movie.

Dunkirk Lego

There was actually one Black guy in the above scene. He was the only one in the whole movie.

Unfortunately, the clip I saw had the best music and the best drama in the whole film. If you look at MetaCritic and Rotten Tomatoes, the movie gets a very high score on both of those sites. I would recommend not seeing it.

I would recommend not seeing it.

There is only one hero in the movie and that is Tom Hardy. He is in the movie for ten minutes tops and it took me a few scenes seeing him to figure out that it was him. He’s a fighter pilot and wears that altitude mask for most of the movie.

The rest of the cast are desperate or cowardly British Soldiers who get more desperate and more unlikeable as the movie goes on and then Common British Civilians. I’d be amiss not to say that what the Civilians took bravery too but the main characters of that bunch weren’t really that likable.

The Germans are hardly seen in the movie but, everyone is afraid of their advance. There is no mention that Hitler made extremely strong overtures for peace around the time of the evacuation of Dunkirk. Instead, the Admiralty in the movie make the outrageously false claim that Hitler after Britain will take over the world.

With such grave a threat as the Admiralty express, they have no problem giving up over 90% of their men in the movie if need be. Fortunately, in this work of all around fiction they don’t have to.

Dunkirk Hardy

The only man that has to sacrifice in this story is Tom Hardy. The movie ends with him being taken as P.O.W. and some horseshit speech from the devilish Churchill.

I would say to make it a rule not watch any historical fiction, from any source or any stories that are “based on a true story.”

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