The Ever Child-Like Adults Of America

What some stores carry is a reflection of the American spirit.

I was in a Barnes and Noble today. The place had more Graphic Novels and Manga racks than anything else besides fiction. My general rule is to never buy anything at that store excepting for a magazine but magazines are junk anyway.

The Barnes and Noble in question had lot on war but that was really the highlight of the non-fiction section. The most based books they had were from Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer. I don’t think much else was a primary source.

I consider most of the rest of the store junk. The value of Barnes and Noble’s wares in my mind is about as valuable as what conspiracy theorists have to offer on Youtube. In my assesment, what both merchants are giving you has to be sifted through and carefully weighed.

Knowledge is noteasily foun in a commercial bookstore.

These days, music is not easily found in a brick and mortar music store. The racks in the two stores I know take up less than half the space of the store.

In the stead of music, there is a poorly organized movie section that is just as sparse with titles.

What you can find in these music stores are knick knacks, fad items and candy. Personally, I would throw my money away before I became some weirdo with arrested development.

Music can be bad enough but now these places are lifestyle stores and they promote a lifestyle of adolescents.

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