There Is Another Black Sun Coming

The second Black Sun is coming along in a few years

Many people attach significance to signs in the Heavens. The Alt Right’s own Andrew Anglin dubbed this summer, the summer of 2017 “The Summer of Hate.” Anglin doing so did it somewhat tongue in cheek and for propaganda purposes but he was not entirely wrong. Unfortunately, those who are coming out ahead in Anglin’s “Summer of Hate” are the beasts of Antifa and POC.


Andrew Anglin, the most dangerous user on the internet,

Anglin was not the only person speculating on the meaning of the signs in the Heavans though.

There have been “Super Moons” and “Blood Moons.” There may be more of them to come. Immensly popular religious hucksters such as the Reverand (sic) John Hagee and “spooky” Christian (sic) Writers are spreading false prophesies to their followers. Most of these prophecies regard Israel.

The window is closing for these grand prophecies to come true. I do not believe that any of those prophecies will come true. These religious hucksters spread their ideas in seriousness to boost Israel and to ensure support for war.

Events like today’s eclipse bring all the creatures out of the woodwork. A relative unknown can have a hit video and boost their account. Someone like Alex Jones can get a nutter to shoot up a police station.

alex Messiah 1

If you’ve stumbled in and believe the above meme, consider and injectable anti-psychotic.

I watch the crazies on Youtube instead of passively watching TV. If the Youtube shitshow doesn’t put me to sleep, my brain remains active debunking the dopes and hucksters in real time. A good Youtube Channel/Video is really few and far between.

Sometimes, when you’re up to your neck wading through the muck of Jewtube, you can glean some interesting bits.

Some gook fake preacher I was watching was giving some really out there talk on the eclipse. I found out there will be a second eclipse in about seven years.

From Ars Technica:

2024 total eclipse

The country’s next opportunity to see a total solar eclipse comes in fewer than seven years, on April 8, 2024. This will be another major event for the United States, with some areas (i.e. Carbondale, Ill.) actually seeing their second total eclipse in just seven years.

The 2024 eclipse route:

2024 Eclipse

A lot of Americans won’t see that one too well.

According to Ars Technica, there will also be what is called an Annular Eclipse of the Moon in 2023. An Annular Eclipse makes the Moon look like it’s burning.

What does it mean? What does it mean?


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