New Weekly Features Here At Marxist Degeneracy

I’m hoping to fill a gap.

Bane Comics 1

I can write an okay political piece. While those may be more important now that the Daily Stormer is down or underground, I am going to move to focus on doing cultural pieces a few times a week. When i say cultural pieces I mean pop culture.

Herr Anglin himself, from our interactions thought I’d be good at comic book reviews. My latest piece on Captain America published here was suppossed to be published on the Stormer but due to formatting errors when I submitted the article, the article never made it to the Stormer.

Comic books come out on Wednesdays. I hope two have two to three reviews out by Saturday of the same week. The books I choose will mainly be timely, propaganda pieces and sometimes books I choose because they just look like plain fun.

I have not read comics regularly for about two years. At this point I am not sure which books to choose. This week I am going with books that other reviewers are looking forward to.

By Saturday, I am going to try to get to writing up three new #1s:

Nightwing: The New Order #1 (DC Comics)

Generations: The Unworthy Thor and The Mighty Thor #1 (Marvel)

Hard Place #1 (Image Comics)

Once I get comic reviews down, I’ll move on to more cultural markers – music, TV, more movies and whatever else I can get creative with.

As a note, I will never review anything that I feel is not relevant to the Alt Right or Cultural Marxism and cultural decay.


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