It Seems like Masculinity Is Being Phased Out Of Our Culture

What’s going on with the masculine and hyper-masculine aesthetic? There is a lack of it. I personally can’t recall the last time a piece of entertainment really got me feeling like my testosterone was flowing. Bane from the Dark Knight played the part of a testosterone filled guy but he was a villain and kind of died like a pussy. Likewise, Tom Hardy in Mad Max Fury Road, Max didn’t really play that big of a role or get me amped up. Mel Gibson’s last film, “BloodFather” was way more masculine than Mad Max.

Gibson so far was a better Max. When I was young it seemed like there were a ton of good masculine action movies. “Fury Road” was one of the last contemporary ones that hit some of the right notes with me. Dunkirk was terrible.

It seems to me that there may be a corollary between the entertainment, the times and the men.

Many men do not butt heads in a masculine way anymore. A lot of times it is done in a passive aggressive way that transpires if things aired in a more feels way or more so if guys don’t hit it off right away.

While looking through comics for books to review, I have not found many that exude testosterone or masculinity. Actually, it’s usually quite the opposite. In most books, characters are made to look soft and friendly. Characters like the supposedly fierce Incredible Hulk are drawn to look softer. A plurality of male characters in entertainment have no hard edges. I have also heard it said that male heart throbs for girls are much softer than years gone by.

I looked over some comic book covers and found there are two competing visions for Hercules.

Marvel Comics Hercules is now a Bisexual Faggot who irl would probably strategically use nair and bronzer as well as copious moisturizer even though he had no need for any for those products:

Exhibit A:

Hercules Marvel  Exhibit Super Gay:

Hercules Marvel Gay

Fucking put some shoes on the goddamn queer. What does it say that one of Marvel’s most masculine characters and one of  their most classic of characters is a fucking fairy?

The following, as far as I can tell from the cover is actually a masculine book that is doing a futuristic take on Hercules. It is made and published by a independent company. It’s called “Hercules: Wrath of the Heavens.”

Exhibit B:

Hercules Wrath of Heavens

Exhibit C:

Hercules Wrath of Heavens Cover 2

Exhibits B and C are obviously darker but more realistic covers. There’s no real glamour aspect to them. Yes the darker Hercules has dog tags in his hair tied up with wampum.

These fucking soft and queer characters are going to fuck us and our kids over if we are inundated with them. The unnatural colors in the Exhibit Gay and glamour aspects of the drawing and it’s colors and nothing to masculinity. The armor and weapon in Exhibit Gay would most likely have to be made out of aluminum or plastic to be real.

Modern production methods for comic books have made it much easier and more cost effective for colors like that of Exhibit Gay to be produced but what is masculinity without some grit and more importantly being grounded?

It is my belief that unnatural flashiness and flair, when over consumed or consumed too much by the impressionable in our modern lifestyle will help lead to softer men and boys.

Men and boys are meant to get banged up, are meant to get dirty,  are meant to scrap and are meant to be masculine. They should have some grounding with nature and some knowledge of practical things.

Grittier inputs when filtered should lead to grittier men.

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