Hucksters Are Bad Mm’Kay

At least once a day I take a break with some oddball stuff on Youtube.

To win this war, we will need to win the minds of a lot of everyday people. The thing is, the everyday people are drawn to the oddball stuff too and for the wrong reasons. Maybe the oddball stuff is entertaining. Maybe the oddball stuff has an affect similar to seeing a gory car crash. Maybe the fear instilled by some of the gatekeepers keep their viewers and patrons coming back enchanted in some weird Stockholm Syndrome.

We need to cleanse the minds of people brainwashed by misinformation by at least planting the seed. In many cases, I believe, deliberate disinformation is put out and for nefarious purposes. Both of the above types of information will send anyone who spends anytime on oddball or shill sites, those who are inexperienced >>>

Rabbit Hole Down the

These hucksters or disinformation artists can create nutters of varying degrees. False information is a terrible thing to believe in, especially nutter information. To believe in and talk about nutter information in our society can and will make people fear you.

If you listen to anybody on this list and think any of these commentators are super-serial or otherwise on the level, you need to reassess what you are doing and how you are thinking.

  1. Alex Jones is a shill
  2. David Icke is a shill
  3. Jim Marrs was a shill
  4. Jordan Maxwell is a fucking lying devil
  5. Michael Tsarion is the same
  6. Gerald Celente is an egotistical guene shill
  7. Paul Joseph Watson is a shill with low T
  8. Mark Passio is an impotent dork
  9. Walter Veith is a pompus kike
  10. Anyone on Infowars regularly is a shill
  11. Anyone who says it’s the Jesuits is fucking weird
  12. Anyone who says White People are the true Israelites is deranged and possibly dangerous
  13. Renegade Broadcasting is pretty odd
  14. Rebel Media is shit
  15. Astrotheology is a trick and you need to read your Bible more
  16. Texe Marrs hocks too many books
  17. Freeman is a dirty hippie huckster that always talks about the same shit

Stay away from the rabbit hole!

Rabbit W-AK

There are more of them people. I am sure.

We need to start doing everything we can to wake motherfuckers up.

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