KR Reviews – Dishonored 2: Be The Black Demon Chick

The hero? Diversity Hire. An ugly, androgynous and pissed off Black Character.


She’s named Billie and here she is in the Cinematic Trailer:

The game looks great but it’s a “Cinematic Trailer.” The last game sucked and wasn’t near where it should have been. Now you’re in a steampunk world playing as a Female Black Cyborg with fancy fancy weapons.

What happened to Gamergate?

Who Cares? Let’s see those new effects:

Oh wait, you can also play as a White Woman, maybe a White guy and invoke Black Magic.

If you can’t play as a White guy at least the Black Woman has a White guy’s name.

“I am the Real American, Fight for the Rights of Everyman…”

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