KR Review – Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor

Thor generations

The book is a one shot but part of a series of “Generations” books. It’s longer and because of that it costs more.

I think if you bought this book knowing what goes on with the “Thors”, you would be missing out on your money.

Reasons to buy the book are few. Obstensibly, Marvel is showcasing of the “Thors,” the young Thor and the woman Thor. Again, there nothing really goes on in this book. Marvel is selling it to sell an Odin related book and to create intrest in their reboot.

As for the book itself, the younger Thor who plays the misogynist to the woman Thor. They make the younger Thor really look stupid. They also make him out to be a party boy and he’s kind of douche.

The storyline is simple and makes you wonder why some villains, the villains involved in the “Generations” were so hard to beat in the other books.

The art is subpar, complimenting the story but not the price. Anyone could have writteen the book so long as they were able to make the female Thor sympathetic and the male Thor a dopey misogenist kid.

They say Marvel has an agenda. Hopefully any kids reading don’t identify or emulate with the characters. Hopefully no one does.

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