KR Reviews: Taylor Swift’s Creepy Assed Degenerate Video

The Official Video for Taylor Swift’s new single, “Look What You Made Me Do” is pretty much repulsive.

What I know about the song in general is that the music and the vocal aspects are both tight and well done – the girl can definitely sing. The best thing about this official video is the Taylor Swift’s legs, and face.

Glamorously Devilish is generally what the the video is though.

The video is definitely not Alt Right as I joked in this review: Taylor Swift’s Alt Right “Look What You Made Me Do”

The video has Occult aspects which are going to spur tons of videos like those guys over at Vigilant Citizen and Vigilant Christian make. The sad thing is, I have yet to see a video by anyone who is a self proclaimed decoder of the Occult make a video decoding the Occult in a way that wasn’t in part laughable or nonsensical.

The other problem with this video – for those who have yet to succumb to degeneracy – is gaggle of fags dancing in cut off tops with Taylor towards the end of the video.

The big quote that came out from Swift in regards to the single was something like “after she does (creates) one thing, she moves onto the next. To me, that’s uncomfortably similar to how The Grand Whore, Madonna works. Taylor Swift is still young but, like most performers is moving into territory that is going to trip up many of her young fans.

Through the video, Miss Swift seems generally pissed. Maybe the reviews and the fighting between her and other stars are things she really takes personally. There are at least two scenes where past iconic versions of herself fight with each other adding to the strangeness.

The first such instance revolves around a scene where a Taylor on a three sided cross has her iconic selves fighting to get up to her:

Taylor Cross 2

Throughout the whole video, it’s as she’s showing off as the bad girl. Maybe she is standing at a T for Taylor instead of a Masonic Brazen Serpent Cross or some such but, this symbol below is a well know Occult Cross used down through the centuries.

Brazen Serpent Cross

I’m not trying to be that guy who doesn’t know what he is talking about but this video is definitely a spin on rebirth as a bad girl. In the opening scene, Taylor rises from the grave. In the second major scene, Taylor is on a very opulent Vatican Style Throne being served by a serpent while wearing a serpent choker.

Notice the serpents wrapped around the throne:

Taylor Snakes

What does all this shit mean? Why are there tons of costume changes and other versions of Swift fighting amongst themselves? IDK. Like I said in the beginning, most everything about Tay Tay in the video is glamorously devilish excepting mostly short scenes or scenes that tease.

Speaking of teases, it took me a second to realize Swift was dancing with a bunch of raging homos in crop tops who probably all fucked each other in between takes. The fags iirc danced pretty feminine too.

I’ll spare you the pictures of those freaks and leave you with the Official Video:


If anyone can decode this video, I’d be impressed.

I think my eyes and writing on it were fair.

Note: I think her voice while speaking is pretty fucking baudy for a woman. IDK if I could date a girl with a voice like that.


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