Small Time Miner; A New Phone and Minergate

I just bought my first smartphone. It’s a pay as you go. I am obviously a very late adapter being that we’re on 7 or 8 Iphone models. I don’t really think I’m going to use it much or for much.

The phone is an LG has a really good battery and a 1.8GHz Octa Core processor.

As it works out, I do have good Wi-Fi. I am also trying to learn and build up a cryptomining presence.

Stone Gate

I have been using for Monero mining while I am at the computer because their miner program turns off on average every fifteen minutes. And it’s Minergate’s newly released mining program.

IDK what the deal with Minergate is. I have tried it with two computers now. As it so happens though, it does work on the new phone. It’s a different program. The phone has been running for about 18 hours.

Over the last 18 hours, the little LG phone that can is putting out about 16 hashes per second and has yielded about 900 shares. It produces about the same hash rate as an original run Intel i5 on mining setting 2. That old i5 produces about 5 more hashes per second when Minergate is turned up to 3.

For the time being, with my $90 “Pay As You Go Phone,” I’ll be mining at least until my contract is up for my dumb-phone.

Just for a point of reference, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a 2.35GHz Octa Core Prcessor.

I just wish I had bought the phone a month or two ago when I was first thinking about it, before the price of Monero had those two spikes. This is only my third or fourth month of mining though.

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