What’s Up With That Online Betting



Until very recently, I had not heard much about online betting except through a few advertisements.

I remember back before the Nasdaq Internet Stock Bubble burst, my Dad had invested in online BINGO. That investment turned out to be a disaster for him.

These days, there are plenty of places online to place bets. You can at least bet on a wide range of politics, sports and in ever more realistic online casinos.

Way back last year, if you got in at the right time, the odds of Trump for the win were very profitable for those who bet. Those winners made a lot of money.

Even still at this time, you can bet on Legislation and happenings that are more creative.

I was very tempted after the Trump win to bet on things I did not understand. When betting though, patience and knowledge are key.

After hearing on the radio many many times how bad McGregor was going to get slammed by Maywether, I looked around online as to what kind of bets I could make.

I wanted to bet on McGregror. I wanted to bet on the long shot if the payout was potentially yuuge. What I found though was that the odds really weren’t that great. $30 would win me $100.

There were plenty of super duper introductory odds of 40 to 1. In fact, these odds were offered for both fighters. There was a catch though, the catch was that those odds only counted on your first dollar.

On all this stuff, you can’t really win that much. Not over time. Occasionally, you’ll hear of a guy or meet a guy who can make his living off of poker. That seems to be the game with the best odds in the long run unless you can count cards and go undetected.

If you are a real political guy, someone like Twitter Celeb @RickyVaughn99, maybe you can make money on those books.

Whatever you do, don’t play the scratch off lotto cards for any length of time. I can tell you if you win $20 on $2 then play a little here and there for the rest of the month with the money you won, you are most likely going to have none of it left by the end of the month.

While I have to advise against most of the betting mentioned above, if you really are political, google that gambling. It’s pretty interesting.

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