KR REVIEWS: “Nightwing: The New Order #1”

Dick Grayson was the first Robin. In developing the characters of The DC Universe, Dick Grayson became Nightwing. Nightwing: The New Order is a comic that takes place on it’s own. In other words, it does not take place in the DC Universe proper.

Nightwing Cartoon

A lot was setup in issue one. A decent amount of world building was done. The world is one where Dick Grayson depowered most of the metahumans – DC Comics heroes and villains. Some need to be drugged and a few are rogue and out and about.

The reason why the Metahumans have in one way or another been depowered is addressed in a very shallow manner. Batman is dead and Dick was his heir. It is not clear what role if any Batman or his death played in getting rid of and suppressing powers.

Alfred on the other hand is still kicking and probably working with the resistance. He is creepy and advocates for all Metahumans, good or bad in the clichéd careless and bourgeois manner a lot of people used to advocate for LGTB Rights. He uses the exact words and phrases. I’m not sure why those lines were scripted.

Alfred’s advocacy comes on the heels of an escape attempt by the infamous light manipulator and serial rapist, Doctor Light. Many of today’s readers probably won’t remember that Light was one of the baddest bad mutherfuckas in comics like 10 years ago. He has been in comics since the first Justice League, I think.

Dr. Light

The comic was fun up until a little before Alfred comes in but, what Dick Grayson is, does, and did is portrayed as “Fascist” and so the pile on begins after Grayson and his role is fully introduced. And the pile on, as with Alfred is pretty weird and clichéd too.

There are a few other plot points that I’ll leave off in case anyone actually does read the book. “The New Order” is a 6 part series that I will review again in total so long as it doesn’t shrink my balls or make toxicity of my masculinity.

Art and Color: B+

Writing: C+

Story: D

Nightwing The New Order

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