My Brief Experience At The Scientology Office

I was roped into checking out Scientology one day when I was out walking in Boston. I walked regularly but I didn’t regularly pass the Scientology Office. I didn’t even really know what they were. Until entering the building I thought Scientology was one in the same as Christian Science. Christian Science is headquartered in a similar area of Boston. It has much more grand facilities.

I was a few years into college. I was voraciously into conspiracy topics and questions of the mind that overlapped with certain theologies – New Age Junk – stuff that the big proponents of should be prohibited from pushing. It was maybe a year after 9/11.

As I walked by the Scientology Building, one of the Scientologists was in front of the building. I didn’t know he was affiliated with anything. I did overhear a civil argument he was having with a young woman. The contention was whether medical science was legitamite. I casually agreed with him that it wasn’t. He turned his head to see me as I walked by. He then started talking to me.

I talked with the man for about five minutes. In that time he was able to convince me to “check out” what they had inside. I went in and sat down in what I guess you could call a waiting room.

There was a giant poster of the Founder of Scientology, El Ron Hubbard. Stacks and stacks of his book were there. The name El Ron is funny to me right now. I’ve learned several definitions for the name El. Superman is Kal El and the word has at least a few references to divinity.

Eventually, someone appeared, brought me to watch a movie. They had a little theatre that was cozy. The movie was some shit. Johnny(or whatever his name was) got hit real hard and knocked unconscious during a football game. Packed into an ambulence and still unconscious, the medics talked about how Johnny’d never walk again. At the hospital the doctors did too. When Johnny fially regained conciousness surprise, he couldn’t walk. He felt he could though.

I’m not sure who it was but Johnny met another fictional character who fictionally healed Johnny’s back with Scientology… lessons? You see, Scientology is an alternative to psychology but it’s a religion and not a religion(tax purposes). In the movies(Scientology movies), nice guys get their irrepairable spines fixed with it by other older guys who are Father figures. In real life, they suck kids and the vulnerable off of the street with hopes of extracting money with crap methodology and hypnosis. Rates start between two and three thousand dollars a session.

Celebrities are serviced for free and never were nor will be gay.

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