Turok, The (Black) Dinosaur Hunter – He Hunts Dino Fascists bc Slavery

Turok the Dinosaur Hunter may not have been the most popular property but the property has been around in Sci-Fi Comics since 1956. Turok was definitely nothing to sneeze at. There have been several volumes of the book and more than two video games made. Turok could hold it’s weight.

In 1956, Turok was a simply a “feathers” Indian that lived in a land amongst dinosaurs. Later on in the 90’s, the character was upgraded to hunt with fancy weapons and hunt more often. He was younger. In the beginning of August, a company that seemingly cannot hold its own weight, Dynamite introduced a new version of Turok.

It seems like not many stories can mind their own business any more, regardless of the format. They ned to interject theselves into the real world and do so with an agenda. It’s pretty awesome that in the age of ever increasing identity politics that we get a classic character so updated for the times. The Black Turok is now fighting against slavery and serfdom. Is he fighting against slavery and serfdom in the Middle East where Black are still slaves to Arabs?

Black Turok  actually is fighting “Fascist” dinosaurs. The kicker though is that the Fascist dinos dress exactly like Nazis. The Nazi dinos have both armbands and collar tabs.

Honestly, I was going to review this book but seeing there’s also normalized hot man on dino action in the first few pages, the above is enough.

nigger turok



  1. This isnt Turok. This isnt even good enough to shine the shoes of the original. This is just being done to pander to a community who doesnt deserve Turok. Give him back to Valiant, change him back to the original, and expand. This is not Turok. Change the name and erase the dinosaurs and make them mutants or something. But not fucking Turok.

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