My Mining Life: Stage 2, Stable Mining, Minergate Sux, NiceHash



I’ve been dabbling in mining for about 3 months now. Starting out, I spent the better part of ten days trying different things.

My computer, a laptop is not the greatest rig to mine on. I must have tried like every software and, all of them turned off rather quickly on it’s own. After some updates and more reading and videos, I found Minergate.

Minergate seemed to be legit. I’d turn it on at night. It would run 20-30 minutes while I relaxed and fell asleep. After two days of waking up to the Minergate app not still running, I checked it by running it during the day.

Minergate is pretty shitty. On averge, it runs for about five minutes. What’s worse now is they made it so you have to confirm your email to login. In the past all you had to do was click start. I kept mining though, foolishly thinking I could mine while using my laptop. Logging in 3 times in a 5 minute time span is terribly mundane and demoralizing.

Good thing for me, the Minergate program’s alert system worked and I got the news to update. The update worked smoothly for about 10 minutes then the mining stats gave out. The newest version of Minergate now not only turns off all of the time but I have to look up my stats seperately.

I have mined enough of the “junk coin” Bytecoin on Minergate to where I can cash out. My Monero stake is only about a third of the way to the benchmark at which the company allows you to cash out at. Luckily(but not really) the Minergate phone mining app is stable, uh… mostly. I should only have to run the phone for 3-6 months before I can cash out.

On the brightside, the new NiceHash miner is working and stable for me. I can mine a decent amount with that program while my laptop is not in use.

I also downloaded the official Bytecoin setup and mine that if I am using my computer. While the Bytecoin may not be worth much, all the Bytecoins will soon have been mined. My hope is to make some walking around money from stacking Bytecoin now.

I have a little Microsoft App that I need to cash out and more importantly, I have proper rig components on the way. Next time I guess, I’ll blog on that and Burst, I’m trying to setup an old computer with Burst.

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