Is it Me? Comics And Collecting Have Lost Their Magic

Comics were a huge part of my life. I got bored with them when I was a kid when the quality went to shit. That was during the 90s bubble. I picked them up again half way through college and I was more hooked than ever.

That second time I got into them, Infinite Crisis was just a few months away. I hunted down all the books that led into the series. If I remember correctly, Marvel was doing House of M at the time and was seen as the underdog. I still enjoyed both series.

The next thing I knew, all the Infinite Crisis books that I bought at a premium were worth a lot less. It was that I didn’t know what I was doing I told myself. I did enjoy the books. I traveled to different stores and figured out which ones to buy what at. A year later though I was caught with my pants down again.

I actually spent quite a bit of money on books. I did so like it was a bug and I got screwed. That second time, the experience I gained over the year and the lumps I took, smartened me up… but not that much. In addition to just reading books, I started to speculate on first appearances and such. I broke the bank again.

Soon enough, I realized trades were my friend and so was a pull list and Wizard Magazine and The funny thing is, after Wizard Magazine folded, it seemed like the comic book back issue market folded pretty quickly thereafter. There were no Wizard Picks to covet for the buyers and less hype for the sellers to sell into.

After about five more years, I became dissolutioned. Too many dead characters came back, too many new characterst and too many books came out and no more newish books were worth anything. Another thing and a big thing was that I was really into DC and they did the reboot. Marvel constantly issues new volumes too. And the biggest thing is that a big or even okay creative team never stays with a book they start. It gets run into the ground. IIRC, the last set of books to keep a writer on the longest were The Avengers/New Avengers with Jonathan Hickman.

The thing with Hickman though is that he was probably brought on to keep the quality up during the movies. The movies and Marvel/Disney trying to widen their audience were killers.

They should have never given hipsters comics and they should have never thought the movies could go on forever. I hear Marvel sales and maybe all sales are way down. I doubt the big two or the big three ever made that much extra money and abusing and or abandoning their base in an attempt to make money will come around to hurt them. It makes people sad and it empties comic stores when they would normally be half full.

It happened in the 90’s and the dive that is beginning will blossom soon.

Bane Comics 2

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