KR Reviews: House Of Cards Seasons 1-4

House of Cards

House of Cards for all of it’s acclaim and star power is a show that really just got worse and worse season after season.

Kevin Spacey plays the main character and Jenny from Forest Gump was, I guess dusted off and plays his Wife. Spacey starts out as a well connected member of the U.S. Congress or Senate. He is somewhat of a megalomaniac.

In the first season on his journey to the top, Spacey makes contact with a Buzzfeed tier journalist. She’s young and he bangs her a bunch. That young journalist is also pretty prominent in the show and it adds some dynamism and hipness that the show desperately lacks after she is written out.

While Spacey is involved with extra marital affairs, he is also a cuckhold to his creepy worthless flit of a wife.

The sex doesn’t stop there though as Spacey is also a long time queer banging or or havng been banged (sodomized) by his college friend or Frat Brother. Spacey and the Wife also have an old time butt sex three way with one of the Secret Service guards.

The show sucks and as I said, it gets worse and worse. It is not all that memorable. I guess Spacey becomes Vice President in Season 2 then through subterfuge becomes President by Season 3.

One of the main challenges for Spacey and his team, aside from keeping all their crookedness a float is Russia. The way Russia and its President is depicted I’d say is cartoonish and pretty offensive to Putin.

There is really not much else to say about the show that except by Season 4, it is truly repugnant and grating. I am not sure who watches this crap. I did hear an interview between Charlie Rose and Spacey and Rose was praising Spacey and the show to the high, high heavens.

Spacey is also a member of Bill Clinton’s rat pack.

Don’t waste your time on this shite of a show.

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