Conspiracy: The Mandela Effect; It’s Bullshit

Biff Tannens

This Mandela Effect thing seems relatively new. You may have “experienced’ it.

The Mandela Effect is named after Nelson Mandela. It is supposedly a phenomenon that some people remember him dying in jail in the 80’s even though people now remember him dying a few years ago. A broader example of the Mandela Effect is that of a whole lot of people remembering  something that never was.  In the hot new conspiracy videos I’ve watched, examples of things that are remembered differently are the same in seemingly every video I’ve watched. In Back To The Future 2, Marty from the alternate timeline would be the “Mandela.”

Having watched more than several Flat Earth videos a while back, I can tell you that in all of those videos, all the speakers talked about the same aspects of Flat Earth and, gave the same proofs for Flat Earth. The only things those videos did different was give different explanations why we didn’t know the Earth was flat and/or attach different meanings to the flat earth “truth.” Add some or lose some, the proofs and basic stories were the same.

These Mandela videos are all very similar, and just as with the non existent dearth and diversity of information in Flat Earth videos, if you don’t buy what they are selling, you too will notice the similarities.

I guess I’ve watched three or for Mandela videos. Now I am wondering who is pushing these videos. I mean, four videos with strikingly similar content?

All of the videos were well produced, and half of them got into Christianity and quoted the same Bible verse. Three or maybe all of the videos went into C.E.R.N. Three went into mind control, they all went into time travel and it’s effects on the universe, some had Flat Earth and one was done by a guy who would be clinically considered mentally ill. He did touch on similar archetypes as another speaker though.


Why tho???

Does this stuff trigger people, tinge people’s personalities and infect their brains going forward? If it’s meant to keep people occupied, anyone who is paying attention is going to catch on, I think…

In closing, for anyone who thinks it is real, here’s an anecdote:

My Brother worked at a record store. Some guy came in looking for “Sex In The City.” The person who was helping the customer asked the customer if he meant “Sex And The City.” Asking that caused a big hub bub with the customer embarrassing himself.

The Show is called “Sex And The City.”

You can Google it as either.

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