Review “Girls” Season Six, The Final Season

by ElRon

Girls Group

The rootless cosmopolitan comes home to roost.


“Girls” debuted in April 2012 and aired its final show in April 2017 on HBO. A show undoubtedly born of well documented nepotism; the four main “Girls” characters consist of real life progeny of professional artists, a rock band drummer, liberal cum Neocon playwright/director, and a humiliated network news anchor. Ostensibly, the show follows these characters throughout their twenties as they navigate gentrified (White and Jewish) areas of New York and move from one toxic relationship to another without a visible means of financial support. What struck me about the final season was the acknowledgement of the consequences that being raised by liberal parents in a liberal city has.


Main character Hannah (played by Lena Dunham) is a writer that cannot hold down a job or boyfriend, and has a magical gay ex-boyfriend/roommate that encourages her degenerate behavior.   After a sloppy vomit-inducing one night stand (she does the vomiting) with a surf instructor, she decides to “grow up” and have a baby of dubious ethnic origin instead of an abortion.  With a mother addicted to wine and cannabis and a father who “came out” as gay and lives with another man; she relies on goyish best friend Marnie to help her raise her child and provide support.   Hannah openly acknowledges that years of being spoiled in her every whim by weak, directionless parents has left her wholly unequipped to be a mother.


Meanwhile, “girl” Jessa is a recovering addict who has “shacked up” with Hannah’s ex-boyfriend and shows no signs of developing into a functional human being. During a latter episode she has sex with a random stranger in a bar as a way of coping with feelings of jealousy. The previously mentioned Marnie is a struggling musician who has moved in with her mother and dumped her opiate addicted musician husband before agreeing to assist Hannah with her weird looking baby. Finally, “girl” Shoshanna has decided to disengage with her friends so she can pursue more successful avenues with her Anime boyfriend.


Girls Slob


Overall, “Girls” navigates the minefield of being a “modern woman” with plenty of degenerate behavior typical for HBO.  I commend it for offering no easy solutions for females raised in modernity; perhaps because there are none. Masochistic viewers may find the idea of aggressively unattractive Lena Dunham “hooking up” with seemingly good looking, if not well adjusted, men to be a hoot. Otherwise, give it a pass.


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