North Korea Loves It’s Bitcoin, That’s Bad News For Some People But How Many?

It seems N. Korea is anti-social in it’s BTC dealings too. According to CNN’s  highly questionable article: “North Korea Is Trying To Amass A Bitcoin War Chest,” a handful attacks on South Korean Bitcoin Exchange employees have been reported.

While CNN cites a company called FireEye as having identified the hacking group as North Korean, if you read closely here, at the link provided by CNN, you will see that there is no naming of names. All anyone can say is that the hacking comes from the North.

CNN goes on further to mention the other hacks attributed to N. Korea including banks, Sony Pictures, the WannaCry ransomware attacks and a string of Bitcoin hacks between 2013 and 2015 in which Bitcoin then worth $88k was siphoned to North Korea.

Judging by CNN’s provocative headline and the militaristic intro in the video accompanying the piece, it seems CNN wants us to be at least afraid of the North Koreans.

Amassing a war chest may be on Kim’s mind but according to the story, I would surmise that they are only in the early stages and wonder how much military gear Kim’s regime could produce with even a million dollars of Bitcoin.

It is said that Kim Jong Un’s Father had the biggest movie collection in the world. Wouldn’t it have been just as interesting a story if Kim was a hacker himself and using hackers to build like an evil submarine/party yacht?

Kim Jong Un Bitcoins

Or am I missing something?


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