“The Defenders” From Netflix Reviewed

Are we pretending this isn’t terrible?

Review by ElRon


Defenders 2



I was a fan of the first season and half of the Netflix show “Daredevil.” It had its flaws but was a relatable story of vigilante justice in a crime ridden city. Then Elektra showed up and it became red hot shit.  Supernatural elements came to the forefront and the avatar of the white man’s rage, Wilson Fisk, was essentially made into a bit player. I watched most of Jessica Jones (a coal burner who can punch real hard), some of Luke Cage (strong black man just wants to defend his neighborhood, of course) and barely any of Iron Fist (dopey Aryan who has yellow fever and can punch real hard). The inevitable superhero team came with this year’s “The Defenders.”


These types of shows/movies seem to take the worst elements of any given character, add in cheesy dialogue (because they never get along at first) and have them united in the third act to fight some big monster/monsters/immortal Asian gang. “The Avengers,” “Superman vs. Batman,” and the upcoming “Justice League” follow the same formula. It’s boring and seemingly made for adult toddlers and the developmentally disabled.


“The Defenders” is no different as the team comes together to fight “The Hand” led by Ripley from Alien. They crack jokes, beat up some people, and Elektra shows up as “Black Sky” to provide a romantic foil/antagonist for Daredevil and stink up the joint. It ends with “The Hand” being defeated and Daredevil seemingly killed in the process; but no, he’s alive, just like the last Superman movie. The action is very ordinary and special effects unimpressive.


Defenders 1


The modern iterations of comic book entertainment like to focus on the “everyday life” aspects of the characters. They drink heavily, engage in random promiscuous sex, and are shitty to their friends, neurotic, and selfish to boot. Gone is the wholesome idea of Superman and the American Flag, replaced by Jessica Jones banging Luke Cage after drinking shit tons of whiskey. Comics have been a “rootless cosmopolitan” creation from the start. It seems that any obfuscation of that message to the goyim has been completely discarded in favor of all out degeneracy. Where’s yenta Wonder Woman when you need her?


Editor’s Note: It sounds like another highbrow, high morality barn burner from Netflix. Be sure to subscribe today!


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