Nazi Captain America Was A Money Making Scam

Captain America is a character that is on and off again popular because, as far as I can figure, his books suck half the time. In the early 00’s, it was a gritty espionage series doing fresh things. Over the turn of the decade, they did a weird and boring sci-fi volume of Captain America. After that, Captain America’s Black friend the Falcon took over as a diversity hire and the book became really dumbed down.


After the latter two series running the book into the ground, what was Marvel to do with one of their flagship characters?


Secret Empire Face Rot


As it turns out, they took the blonde haired blue eyed super-soldier and made him what society has always told us a blonde haired blue eyed super-soldier always was, a Nazi. At least Marvel’s version of a Nazi. Cap through the machinations of old enemies became an agent of the super evil fascists, Hydra. Fascist Cap also encouraged suicide bombings because… don’t all fascists?


Nazi Captain America Agent of Hydra went on for a long while, it was a twenty-five issue series. The storyline culminated with the cartoonishly evil Captain taking control of the United States by bamboozling nearly every hero and trapping them behind walls… just like President Trump would but I digress.


There were so many books and issues of those books involved in the broader story and finale, it is hard to count them all. In total, I figure there was ~150. The book and the concept was made into a real cash cow by Marvel and their owners, Disney.


Anyway, I read the final storyline. It was an oh so special crossover event called “Secret Empire.” One of the parts that really hammered home to me how scary Fascists really are and the depth of the writing in these books is when Cap’s lieutenants started chanting about strength in a Board Meeting.


Secret Empire Goons

These Tough Guys Weren’t Even In It, They Made The Cover Though

After having finished the series, I was unsure why Fascists were evil and even why the Fascist Captain America could not have built his perfect world as he had planned. He wasn’t making grubby kids clean up to join the Cap Youth and he wasn’t hanging Blacks from trees.


Cap and Hydra did hunt down and lock up the beings known as the Inhumans. The thing is, there were two pages devoted to that story thread at the very beginning of the series. Seeing as I did not buy or read any of the books involved in the Inhumans thread and only read the main story, when they brought the Inhumans thread in towards the end of the series, I didn’t care.


If they were supposed to be a Jewish or Japanese or Soviet Gulag victim’s analog (I suppose Jewish), I can’t be expected to take that into account. I doubt it was a great or moving tale with a strong moral anyway as I have heard nothing about it. Furthermore, like the Japanese, maybe they were a real threat. The Inhumans pretty much all have powers. It’s kind of the X-Men story all over again.


As a matter of fact, Captain America I suppose Captain America could have made a better world as he was going to use a reality altering Super Weapon to set the world straight. How that can go wrong, I do not know. The super weapon, The Cosmic Cube alters reality based on the users vision.


Cool Cap 1200


Anyway, true to comics form, the story, a full 10 issues was pretty formulaic, boiler plate and did hardly anything else but than to set the world back to pretty much the way it was before the previous wielder of the Cosmic Cube turned Captain America.


If you were one to buy the complete storyline of Captain America The Nazi, each of the ~150 books probably averaged $4.50. That reader is probably more partisan now for it.


The author claims he was not trying to be partisan. I find that hard to believe as he can be found on Twitter being political pretty easily.


It is a shame that the legacy media is an oligarchy and in some cases an oligarchy without many competitors. Free speech, the free exchange of ideas and free markets do not happen under oligarchies.


Finally, while I am not sure whether this helps or hinders The Holocaust Story, the final battle has the Cosmic Cube’s projection of Captain America fighting the Fascist Captain America while repeating the mantra “Never Again.”


For Indoctrination, Shitty and Juvenile Stories, and  (((oligarchies))) trying to squeeze every last penny out of a ship they are tanking, Make Your’s Marvel!


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