Weev’s Call For Violence, WTF? For What?


weev white shirt


After the Unite The Right Rally violence in Charlottesville, VA “The Web’s Most Popular Pro-Genocide Republican Website,” the DailyStormer found itself out of a home. It’s domain registry was revoked by GoDaddy and subsequently it’s domain seized by Google. For three or four weeks, The Daily Stormer had no other home other than the dark web.

In the meantime, Gab.ai, a pro free speech platform akin to Twitter became the sounding post for the publisher of the Daily Stormer, one Andrew Anglin.

Right away he got into trouble for being involved with a post very similar to the one that got his site’s registration revoked and seized. Complaints by those watching Anglin were made to the Gab.ai site. The site’s CEO Andrew Torba asked Anglin to remove the post. Upon that request, Anglin made a big stink but the matter was resolved amicably.

The resolution to the above was come to publicly and Gab.ai’s terms of service including prohibited content was made clear to everyone watching the exchange by Andrew Torba.

Several days went by. Things normalized. The thing is Gab and Andrew Torba had another problem with another figure on the far right named Vox Day who apparently was in the process of or who still is in the process of filing suit against Gab for a reason I have yet to figure out. It has to do with alleged defamation by Gab users against Vox and his readers.

Vox clearly stated last Friday, 9/15 on his blog that he was sending the information on the defamatory posts over to the Asia Registrar, the registry at which Gab.ai was registered. It seems that with the public in the know Vox Day’s plans, Gab was in trouble.

Enter weev:

Andrew Aurenheimer, aka weev is a weird moody and angry little guy. He’s very good with computers. He’s so good that he once figured out AT&T/Iphone code. He did get caught doing that though and spent a few years in a minimum security prison before ironically, Jewish Lawyers got him out on appeal.

weev right now, is basically the right hand man to Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, he’s the backend tech guy. Having spoken to him online numerous times, he seems like he is very weary of the law. In being as such, you wouldn’t think he would be so stupid as to write a call for violence on any website let alone Gab, the website that helped out him and his employer.

Here is what he wrote:


There are a huge number of persistent rumors about this guy. He is a liar and cagey. The Daily Stormer was and is back up, they don’t need Gab anymore. As I stated earlier, it was public knowledge that Vox Day was launching a legal volley against Gab to days before weev made the threat.

Being well connected, could weev and maybe even Vox being paid to take Gab.ai down by someone? Gab has been on a hot streak lately. It is one of the few places where you can “speak freely” I don’t get it.

Honestly, I don’t think Vox is involved in some plot with weev but I do think it is weird that weev, the guy that is supposed to be super smart is going to shit where he eats. Something is not right.

The publisher of The Stormer seems to be involved in this too. Mr. Anglin from my perspective is covering and obfuscating for weev. He is also making what seem veiled threats or taunts against the Gab CEO and swaying his diehard knuckle-dragging follower’s opinions against Gab.

Either way, all the people crying about weev can shove it up their asses.

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