Julian Assange Is Studying Up On (((What))) Now?


Assange 1


There was a popular far right internet meme that was the work of the Alt Right. Parenthesis arranged like these ((())), triple parenthesis around a name or some such denoted Jewish, ex. (((Albert Einstein))).

This meme and marker devised by the Alt Right’s became so ubiquitous that eventually even “The Paper Of Record,” The New York Times did a small weekend feature on it. I believe the Anti-Defamation League or The Southern Poverty Law Center added the triple parenthesis otherwise known as the “echo” to a list of Hate Symbols.

Jews as they are want to do banded together against the “echos”. Some Jews reacted by tagging themselves with the triple parenthesis. Those Jews ranged from everyday men and women to public servants and everyone in between.

As coincidence would have it, Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange was prepping one of his 2016 election releases as Jewish Twitter users were marking themselves with the triple parenthesis. Assange, according to his word, did not know what the meaning of the triple parenthesis was or know about the controversy surrounding them. He was asked if he did after he Tweeted wondering about the “echos.” What he Tweeted was to ask why so many establishment social climbers were using the denotation.

The story on that from The Jewish Daily Forward is here.

These past few days, it looks like Mr. Assange is releasing information on the state of Russian Surveillance. Today Assange is very focused on a secession vote in Catalonia, Spain.

The thing that is very interesting is that he was asking about Jewish influence in the U.S. a few days ago as evidenced below:

Assange Jews 1

Assange Jews 2


The answer is right but the bigger questions are why is this an interest now, is he going to go after Jews and Zionists and is there a bigger Trump/Jewish/Zionist connection?

Depending on how Assange moves forward and what he finds, he could be in the most danger of his career.

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