Do The Rothschilds Own Jerusalem?

The Rothschild Family has been famous or infamous depending on who you ask for generations.

Today in both Conspiracy, Truther and AltRight circles, the Rothschilds are thought of as big movers and shakers that are able to make the world move. They supposedly fueled much of the prominence of the British Empire, instigated the American Civil War and had a hand in creating the Federal Reserve through proxies.

Some even say George Soros is a Rothschild proxy, actually the head proxy for the Rothschilds presently.

The Rothschild Family are clearly movers and shakers. Their names have had too much prominence for too many years. On November 29, 1829 in a paper called The Niles Register it was reported that Baron Rothschild actually bought Jerusalem. 1829 is over a hundred years before the modern day nation state of Israel was founded.


Rothschilds Buy Jerusalem Niles Register 11-28-1829


Having been into politics since around 2001, I have never heard the above. I just found it today. I believe it is a fact that the Rothschilds paid for the Israeli Supreme Court. I also believe that The Rothschilds have a lot to do with Central Banking.

I have heard rumors that the Rothchilds own Israel. I have read in a book called “The Transfer Agreement” which is about the first Jews to Modern Israel from Hitler’s Germany before WW2 started, that one of the plans was to have the land under central ownership. Could it be a play on the dividing of the land as when the Biblical Aaron led the Ancient Israelites into the land?

Something is going on. Hopefully other readers and researchers here on Steemit can use the information I’ve stumbled upon.



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